Internet et mobile (en)

Internet and Mobile – English

Starting with a Fibre broadband service ideal for holiday cottages, ex-pats and anyone not wishing to comitt to a contract.

Our Vital service is pure Fibre Broadband (subject to availability) without being bloated by other bundled service you may not want or need (email, TV, Anti-virus, etc) This allows us to give you Just Fibre, no comittment 1gb download speeds. Test the availability and order directly by clicking on the image below.

If you don’t mind comittment and do want TV and or other services in your package, here are the full range of options.

Get in touch for english speaking advice on all things internet, wifi, access control, CCTV and alarms


Fibre not available at your address? but, available nearby??
As long as you have line of site of a Business or Household that can have fibre, we have a solution for that.
Line of site means a direct view (even if it is from roof height, or up a small mast) up to 10km away. Get in touch to discuss this service.

We also have an internet via 4g option (requires good Orange mobile service)